Program for Berlin

rikke nu

The following is the program for our Berlin trip.

Day one Departure from school early in the morning. A 12-hour bus ride to Berlin. We will arrive around 6-7 pm to the ONE80˚ Hostel Berlin. We have the evening off.
Day two We will meet outside the hostel at 8 am where we will be divided into groups. In groups we will see different monuments in Berlin and have an assignment connected to this.
We will also be going to the prison Hochenschönhausen where we will have a guided tour.
Again, we have the night to do as we please.
Day three The third day we meet outside the hostel at 8 am again. We will then have a guided tour of Berlin underground. And afterwards we will go to Hamburger Bahnhoff where we will see modern art. Then we have the evening off.
Day four Day four, which is Friday, we will go to the Olypische Stadium and the Stasi Museum. We have the evening off.
Day five We will meet at 9.30 am and walk to Deutches Historiches Museum where we will have a guided tour. After this we will have the whole day off until we meet at 6.30 pm for dinner that we will all enjoy together.
Day six On our last day the bus will leave at 11 am and we will be back at school at around 9 pm.

We are all mighty excited!!

More Berlin excitement



We have reached the end of March which means there is under a month till we are travelling to Berlin. It also means spring is here and summer is near. It is an exciting time of the year and the excitement only grows larger when looking forward to the Berlin trip.

The day of departure is Tuesday the 22nd of April very early in the morning. Before the trip we will hand in 1st drafts of Geography and Business and Management IA’s, which hopefully will relieve some stress in our minds. We are leaving early in the morning and will use most of the day on the bus. The program for our trip will be published next week and it is going to be very nice to see what we are going to be doing in the five days we are there.

For me personally, this trip will also be a good way to anticipate how it will be to travel with Elvira this summer. Luckily I am used to spend a lot of time with her and I have no doubt in my mind that we will have fun together. This does not mean that we agree on everything nor does it mean that we do things the same way. We often experience that we do things in a very different manner. An example of this is the way we eat dinner with our respective families. In my family we always eat dinner together, almost no matter what. Elvira has explained to me that this rarely occurs in her family. Furthermore Elvira always pray before she starts her meal. She is always open if you want to participate in the praying and she always answers all my stupid questions regarding the prayers.

Elvira also prays before she goes to bed, something that I remember doing on occasion in my childhood. I remember using this almost as a tool and only in special times. This could be if somebody in my family was sick, if I missed someone, before Christmas and birthdays. Therefore I find it very interesting to experience Elvira praying at night, especially because it often takes several minutes for her, whereas when I was praying in my childhood it would take approximately 1 minute before I lost my concentration 🙂

I cannot wait to travel with Elvira soon and learn even more about her.




My class and I are going to Berlin right after our Easter break during the month of April. I cannot begin to explain how excited I am for this trip for I am looking forward to so many things; the actual 7 hour bus ride, the night life in Berlin, sight-seeing, learning some German history, spending quality time with my classmates, trying out the German cuisine (Their meat, bread, desserts). Most of all, I cannot wait to see what makes the German culture so different from both the Danish and Kenyan culture. I’ve lived with Rikke and her family for some time and I still visit them a lot, and during my stay there, I learn a lot about the Danish culture.

The Danish citizens raise their flags to the middle of the post symbolizing the death of a loved one, compared to Kenya: Most families eat dinner at the dining table, they drive cars on the right-hand side, they do not have a direct translation for the word ‘Hygge’, they all love beer :-), is it the same in Germany? – Can’t wait to find out.

Light at the end of the tunnel

End of January

My plane tickets are ordered and the email is on its way. It finally seems realistic and within reach. I could not be happier or more excited.

I have been talking about this journey for so long and it feels really good to finally be able to put a date on it and start planning. I am so lucky that I will be able to share this experience with a true Kenyan and a close friend. It is a privilege to have the chance to experience Nairobi from within with Elvira and her kind family. 

First another travel is soon to come though. A school trip to Berlin waits in April. Also then I will travel with Elvira and of course the rest of IB1. I am sure this will also give me a better idea of what to expect when travelling with Elvira. Even though the two travels are almost as different as they come. Berlin will be about sightseeing, big city adventures, shopping and drinks while living at a motel in the center of Berlin. When I go to Nairobi on the other hand it will be about culture, languages, friends and experiencing the country where Elvira originates. I am very excited for both journeys but going to Africa has always been a dream of mine and therefore my expectations are high and I can barely wait.   

Kenya here I come!